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Mikatan Narugino
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Rōmaji Narukino Mikatan
Personal Information
Gender Female
Status Alive
Eye Alice Blue
Hair Pink
Occupation Idol
Affiliation Justice Punch
Japanese voice Sora Amamiya

Mikatan Narugino (成木野 みかたん Narugino Mikatan) is one of the leading female characters in Punchline Anime. She is also known for her superhero alter-ego, Strange Juice.

She is actually Chiyoko who's spirit occupies Guriko's body, after her, Guriko , and Pine were involved in a body swapping incident.


Mikatan's Full Body Appearance

Mika-tan is a young pretty girl with pink hair and teal eyes. Her hair is tied at the sides with green ribbons that has a bell attached to each. She is currently, in the history where humanity lives on, in her original body (the body Yuta was using) with black hair.


Mika-tan is very positive and happy, as well as caring for her friends.



Mikatan was originally known as Chiyoko, and was held at a research facility along with Guriko and Pine. The purpose of this research was to discover the secret behind their ability to Uberfy, but the majority of the researchers saw the children as nothing more than lab rats.

At some point, Guriko created three promise rings (which Chiyoko initially misunderstood as Guriko proposing to Pine) and the three of them promised to be friends for life.

During their escape from the facility, they drove off the road while being chased. Due to their panic at falling into the river below, all three children Yubafied. They then switched bodies when lightning struck the car on the way down while they were Yubafied; Pine entered Chiyoko's body, Chiyoko entered Guriko's, and Guriko entered Pine's. Because of this, Mika-tan is actually Chiyoko using Guriko's body.

Some time later she was discovered by Meika who had come to take care of her. Ishigata, the man who had freed the three of them, had still been with Mika, but was forced to burn the apartment down with him inside when they were discovered by the facility. Meika trained Mika to become a hero and be part of Justice Punch, and her first voluntary Uberfication was at age 13, to defeat some local delinquents.


Strange Juice first appeared during the Hijacking Bus Incident, fighting the Qmay Group. She is nearly defeated by a surprise attack from Tsubouchi, but is saved by Yuta, who is Yubafied as he saw Rabura's panties. She then saves Yuta from the water, but after a quick conversation the wind blew her skirt up, letting Yūta see her panties and knocking him unconscious. 



  • Given that Yuta woke up at the Iridatsu house, but Mika was still with Ishigata, it's most likely that they were separated by the crash into the river. This also explains the absence of Guriko.
  • It is revealed that she is in love with Yuta, but because this reveal is on the 31st, it is unclear whether the events of the time loop caused these feelings to surface or they were already present.
  • Mika is unaware of her connection to Yuta, most likely due to his unrecognizable appearance (male clothes and personality hiding a female body) compared to both Chiyoko's former self and Pine's body.
  • Chinese character 成 can be read "sei". So 成木野 みかたん can be read Seigino Mikata and it means the ally of justice.